More than Capable

Legacy 650

Indulgent luxury or business advantage

Seats 13
Bagagge Capacity 1656 cu ft
Speed 528 mph
Range 3661 miles
Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage) 50 ft
Maximum headroom 6 ft

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Top of its class. The Legacy 650 outshines the competition in cabin volume, comfort, in-flight baggage space and even lavatory size. With fully berthing premium leather seats, an extensive galley and impressively low cabin noise, the Legacy 650 attends to all your needs.

Rest on our laurels? Never. Backed by a near-perfect dispatch reliability and enviable utilization rate, the Legacy 650 now offers an unprecedented 10-year/10,000 hour warranty, setting a new industry benchmark in customer commitment.

The largest-in-class cabin provides unsurpassed comfort for up to 14 passengers over three cabin zones, complete with broadband connectivity and worldwide phone service. Factor in the remarkably low operating costs plus transcontinental range, and you’ll understand why this aircraft is the workhorse of executive aviation. Let your business soar.

Work, Rest, Socialise

The Legacy has one of the largest cabin cross sections, greater than many of its rivals. With a maximum seating capacity of 13 passengers the cabin has three seating zones ensuring the Legacy feels spacious with plenty of room to move freely. The Cabin has been fitted with state of the art noise insulation materials, and air flow throughout the cabin has been improved, helping keep you and your guest feeling fresh throughout the flight.

More than Capable

Even if you are Mid-Atlantic you will never be out of touch. With Swift Broadband High Speed Data – HSD, state-of-the-art system providing worldwide coverage at 432kbps. E-mail, intranet, internet, instant messaging, VoIP telephone and even video conferencing it will be as if you never left the office!

The sumptuous leather upholstered seats recline to become a lie flat bed and with the optional mattress a double bed configuration is possible. The aft washroom is one of the largest available and, through it, access can be gained to the walk in the hold. Consequently your luggage will always be available, ensuring that you will never be inappropriately dressed for that last minute meeting.

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