The optimized balance of performance and economy​​

Falcon 2000s

One of the world’s favorite Falcons

Seats 8-10
Bagagge Capacity 1024 cu ft
Speed 530 mph
Range 3740 miles
Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage) 26.17 ft
Maximum headroom 74 in

Luxury & ComfortAll Around the GlobeShort Overview

A business jet for those who have wanted a full size Falcon at a midsize price, the 3,350 nm (6,200 km) Falcon 2000S is a bird of a different feather. It’s a big cabin jet without the big cabin costs, offering more aircraft at a cost of operation normally associated with smaller jet

We started with the original Falcon 2000 platform –– one of the most popular and successful Falcons ever. Then we optimized its strengths to create the Falcon 2000S. A perfect balance of performance and economy, the 2000S satisfies all the requirements of a modern business jet at a sig​nificantly lower cost.

This aircraft is powerful and efficient, with an impressive cabin and an impressively lower cost of operation. With redesigned wings, enhanced engines, an advanced cockpit and improved maintenance features, the 2000S will save you money without s​acrificing the many qualities Falcon owners prize.

A full size jet with small jet costs

The Falcon 2000S outperforms the competition on virtually every level of performance, flexibility, agility, and economy. This exceptional aircraft combines the power and discipline of a fighter jet with four decades of business jet leadership. With its high efficiency, productivity and performance and low direct operating costs, the Falcon 2000S has the best figures in the business.

Long on comfort and choice

Three extra feet can accommodate a lot more living space. And how you use it is up to you. Opt for a very comfortable three-lounge cabin with a shower aft and crew rest provisions forward.

Go shorter on the entryway to add even more lounge space. Or select a large entryway with spacious, lie-flat crew quarters and a truly grand galley for multiple meals. There are over 30 different cabin layouts from which to choose. Let your personal taste, your typical mission profile, and our design team be your guides.

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