Discover Our Private Jet Company

Falcon Private Jet Charter proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet travel services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personalised service. Our business mantra is built on three pillars: Diligence, Safety & Discretion

Why Choose Us?

What makes us one of the best Private jet providers and what are the reasons to fly with us? We only supply aircraft that meet the highest of standards which are personally vetted by our team of professionals.

Our team is led by a group of fleet managers and Captains who operate and manage aircraft that are available for AOC/Part 135 commercial charters, this gives us a competitive edge in the market since we deal directly with the aircraft’s owners, which eliminates third party fees and thus allowing for better rates. We have a variety of large cabin business jets with floating bases worldwide notably in the Middle East, Russian federation, Europe, Africa and SE Asia.

We also have access to an inventory of 50,000+ aircraft equally certified to the highest of standards. We will work within your budget to find the best jet for you to meet your requirements.

With more than 10 years of experience, our jet specialist team have acquired a depth of knowledge and understanding of the aviation business. Our custom booking system is quick and easy, giving you the confidence that everything has been arranged, down to the smallest detail including:

  • Make arrangements through one dedicated service provider, including ground transportation, special catering requests and cabin set ups.
  • Provide all information in one, uncomplicated procedure
  • Receive several quotes for easy comparison
  • Receive contract of booking

We look forward to being of service and providing an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons.

Premium, High Class Jets Fleet

You can rely on our team to know the aircraft, the airports and the worldwide jet charter market. We use that knowledge to answer questions, provide advice and create the perfect flying experience. In addition, as one of the top independent private jet providers in the world, we have the buying power to be able to offer great value for your air travel.